Heat Vision and Jack

Here'e the legendary pilot episode for Heat Vision and Jack. An apparent parody of Knight Rider starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Jack Black that never made it past this episode. Written by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, directed by Ben Stiller, this series was forgotten about by Fox.

Strangest recorded sounds oddcast.

I've put together a sounds track made up from some of the strangest/oddest recordings ever made.

The track includes:
-Mongolian throat singing, where 2 notes are produced at the same time
-Upsweep is the name of a recording made by the US's secretive underwater recording system known as SOSUS (SOund SUrveillence System). SOSUS is a network of unknown extent stretching throughout the oceans of the world and constantly recording sounds. Designed by the military for tracking submarines etc.
The recording is of an ongoing sound of unknown origin. Mostly emanating from the centre of the Pacific, it may be volcanic activity or tectonic. Although it changes in sync with the seasons.

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Edinburgh Loop

I've been meaning to figure out a loop like this for a while.

It's mostly off-road, with a bit of quiet back roads and a couple of tiny sections of busy roads.
The first half (if going clockwise, starting in Edinburgh) is mostly tarmac cycle paths joining the towns surrounding Edinburgh.
Then it heads into and through the Pentlands, before making it's way back into town on sections of off-road paths (avoiding the canal).

Quantum Leap - interactive map

Here's a great Interactive Map Tracing Every Leap Made by Dr. Samuel Beckett in the series ‘Quantum Leap’. The program starred Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who leaps through spacetime during an experiment in time travel, by temporarily taking the place of other people to correct historical mistakes.

Special Request Media put this map together. It traces every leap Samuel makes through the life of the program, and links to more information about each episode.

Owl vs fox

The Town of Cobourg caught a pretty neat interaction between a Snowy Owl and a red fox at the Marina on January 4, 2018.

Building a Log Cabin with no power tools

Here's a timelapse video of a guy building a log cabin in Canada without the use of any power tools (no power sources on site).

The logs were prepared offsite, then transported to the build site, before a month of finishing.

The roof planks were fire hardened using a technique called "shou sugi ban". It preserves and waterproofs the wood.