Owl vs fox

The Town of Cobourg caught a pretty neat interaction between a Snowy Owl and a red fox at the Marina on January 4, 2018.

Building a Log Cabin with no power tools

Here's a timelapse video of a guy building a log cabin in Canada without the use of any power tools (no power sources on site).

The logs were prepared offsite, then transported to the build site, before a month of finishing.

The roof planks were fire hardened using a technique called "shou sugi ban". It preserves and waterproofs the wood.

Waffle House

A slightly odd video where chef Sean Brock explains to Anthony Bourdain his fondness for the Waffle House.

OK Go - Obsession

A video made using a wall of printers as the background.
I'd be interested to see a 'making of' video of this. I'm guessing the paper was pre-printed and then just fed through each printer in order.

Right to roam

Jump in the van with Marie-France Roy and Alex Yoder as they weave their way through Scotland, exploring how personal accountability allows for universal land access and the old farm shelters that support mountain folks to rove freely.

Blade Runner 2049 models

There aren't many films made which still make use of physical model scenery. Blade Runner 2049 did, which is part of why it looks so great. This film shows a bit of how these models were created and filmed.

Guitar building

I recently got a Telecaster guitar kit as a present. I like guitars, I like building things. Seemed like a fun project.

It was pretty cheap for a guitar. Let see what it turns out like after a bit of work.

Click 'Read more' to see how the build went.


A nice handy MTR tool for windows has recently been released.

MTR probes routers on the route path by limiting the number of hops individual packets may traverse, and listening to responses of their expiry. It will regularly repeat this process, usually once per second, and keep track of the response times of the hops along the path. Good for trying to figure out network issues along a route.