Pentlands Pillage (Edinburgh) - Mountain Bike Orienteering Race - Saturday 18th August

After years of taking part in the excellent Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering (SMBO) races, I have finally been gently coerced into decided to run one of the events.

The beauty of these events is that, due to the fact that you decide upon your own route, they are suitable for all ages and abilities.
Whether you just fancy a short, easy pootle around some paths and tracks you may never have explored before, or you want to push yourself to the very edge of your abilities at the exciting, highly competitive top end. You can ride as hard and as far as you want.

Also, route choice is more important than pure speed, so if you aren't the fastest rider, you can compete by making good route decisions!

The aim of these events is to collect as many points as you can and return to the start/finish before your time (3 hours) runs out.
At the start you will be given a map with checkpoints marked on it. These are worth different points depending on how far/difficult they are to get to. You just need to find your way to your choice of checkpoints, by any route you choose, collect the points and then return to be potentially showered in prizes and praise.

Oh...when you've done racing there will be tea/coffee and cake as well!

You will need:
-bike (Suitable for off-road, doesn’t need to be fancy just serviceable and reliable)
-bike repair tools, inner tube etc.
-whistle – (BMBO Rules) plus a Cycle Bell is encouraged
-Food and water for duration of the event.
-a sense of adventure.
A lot of people use map boards on their bikes, but whilst they save precious time, they aren't necessary to take part.

More information about what these events involve

This event will take place in the Pentland hills just on the edge of Edinburgh on Saturday the 18th of August.
It will take you into the Pentland hills regional park. Encompassing a stunning range of medium sized hills with a surprising diversity of track roads and paths.

Note: This regional park, surrounding paths and tracks are for anyone to use. You MUST respect other users on the course! Anyone who drops rubbish, fights dog walkers, or doesn't show consideration while passing others won't get any cake and will be forced to hand over permanent ownership of their bike to the organisers.
Try to avoid the hospital, the newspapers and jail. If you do end up in jail, establish dominance quickly.


You can sign up here

Here are the details (subject to change):

Event Address: Currie Rugby Club, Malleny Park, Balerno EH14 7AF
Directions to Event Centre: From the A70, take the main road into Balerno (Bridge Road). Take the second left onto Bavelaw Green road, then left again into Malleny Gardens (signposted "Malleny Gardens" & "Currie RFC")

There is limited parking at the Rugby club. Also, I believe the road next to it is free of parking restrictions.

Registration Opens: 9am
Registration Closes: 10am
Start Time from: 9.30am
Start Closes: 11am