Strangest recorded sounds oddcast.

I've put together a sounds track made up from some of the strangest/oddest recordings ever made.

The track includes:
-Mongolian throat singing, where 2 notes are produced at the same time
-Upsweep is the name of a recording made by the US's secretive underwater recording system known as SOSUS (SOund SUrveillence System). SOSUS is a network of unknown extent stretching throughout the oceans of the world and constantly recording sounds. Designed by the military for tracking submarines etc.
The recording is of an ongoing sound of unknown origin. Mostly emanating from the centre of the Pacific, it may be volcanic activity or tectonic. Although it changes in sync with the seasons.
-The Bloop. Another SOSUS sound initally thought to be of biological origin, but possibly created by icebergs breaking up.
-Lyndon Johnson was recorded while President of the US in 1964 ordering some trousers.
-Number station UVB-76. Usually silent or endlessly producing a seemingly random series of numbers these military transmission stations would very occasionally transmit a different message of unknown meaning. It's thought that they were signal messages for spies or other remote operatives.
-Operation Wandering Soul. A US propaganda recording often transmitted or played by soldiers on the ground. The sounds were supposed to sounds like dead Vietcong playing on the Vietnamese belief that the dead must be buried in their homeland, or their soul will wander aimlessly in pain and suffering.