Great Britain - Live electricity usage.

Our power generation systems are constantly working in conjunction to deal with demand and the current weather conditions.
The power stations themselves are also changing, with reducing numbers of coal power stations, new nuclear plants and growth in gas, wind, solar and biomass.
People who argue that wind turbines are terrible because sometime the wind doesn't blow are missing the point. Carbon is the driver of global warming, arguably the biggest threat to human existence. Any time the wind is blowing, less carbon is produced by other methods of generation. Also there's less localised air pollution.

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Heat Vision and Jack

Here'e the legendary pilot episode for Heat Vision and Jack. An apparent parody of Knight Rider starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Jack Black that never made it past this episode. Written by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, directed by Ben Stiller, this series was forgotten about by Fox.

Strangest recorded sounds oddcast.

I've put together a sounds track made up from some of the strangest/oddest recordings ever made.

The track includes:
-Mongolian throat singing, where 2 notes are produced at the same time
-Upsweep is the name of a recording made by the US's secretive underwater recording system known as SOSUS (SOund SUrveillence System). SOSUS is a network of unknown extent stretching throughout the oceans of the world and constantly recording sounds. Designed by the military for tracking submarines etc.
The recording is of an ongoing sound of unknown origin. Mostly emanating from the centre of the Pacific, it may be volcanic activity or tectonic. Although it changes in sync with the seasons.

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