Lib Dems do something wrong! Ask them to stop.

Update: They dropped it: click here

"Lib Dem peers are seeking to amend the Digital Economy Bill to allow site blocking for copyright infringement. This could lead to unwanted blocking of sites accused of copyright infringement, including sites like Youtube, and a massive chilling effect as any site with user generated content could easily fall foul of provisions like this."

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Airport scanners

Update: These are apparently used all over Europe, but the UK uses different x-ray milimeter wave scanners.

German TV clip highlighting the failure of the new, privacy-violating full-nude scanners going live at an airport near you. "The scanner caught a subject's cell phone and Swiss Army knife -- and the microphone he was wearing -- but missed all the components to make a bomb that he hid on his body... Full-body scanners: they're not just a dumb idea, they don't actually work." -> Click 'Read More' below for the video.