A brilliantly cynical review of 'Prometheus', Ridley Scott's prequel to 'Alien'.

I liked it when I watched it, maybe I was caught up in the excitement. It did look amazing and Michael Fassbender as a robot was great. But then thinking about it afterwards it was a ridiculous storyline full of holes (written by the writers of 'Lost', so no surprise there!).

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The Manhattan Project HD1080P

Filmed by Cameron Michael

Time-lapse of Manhattan. The best stuff is the night shots later on from some amazing vantage points.

"This time-lapse production has been a wild and exhilarating ride, with a lot of physical work lugging my 120-130 pounds of gear around all of Manhattan. I bent (broke) some laws and made a ton of friends. Thank you all for your support and please feel free to help out a starving artist and share this video with the world.
Music Provided by: BLACKMILL"

The Manhattan Project HD1080P from Cameron Michael on Vimeo.

The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules

"BREAKING NEWS: UK Courts Have Absolutely NO Idea How Internet Works" - someone.

"I'm glad lawmakers don't know anything about the Internet or they'd present a real problem." -someone else.

And they have just done a load of free advertising for the site they are wasting taxpayers money trying to block in a completely ineffectual way.

Update: Pirate Bay Enjoys 12 Million Traffic Boost

Cycling airbag helmet

This video shows Swedish designed collars for cyclists containing a folded airbag which activates when it detects an accident. Inflation takes about 0.1 seconds.

Apparently in testing they have been shown to be safer than traditional cycle helmets except for the case where the impact is really low speed.

Lion - Time Machine issues with an old NAS

Anyone who's using Lion with Time Machine and has an old NAS as a backup destination will have come across the issue with AFP using a new authentication protocol which probably isn't supported by the NAS.

(I have a not so old Buffalo Linkstation (LS-CH1.OLT) that still didn't work after updating to the latest firmware)

Anyway, I spent ages trying to get it to work until I came across this script which I'm re-posting as it was hard to find:

Basically, it hacks Lion to trick the new protocol into communicating with your old NAS.

More importantly, unlike the other workarounds I works!