Tsar Bomba

In 1961 the biggest nuclear bomb ever detonated exploded at the equivalent of 50 million tons of TNT.
This previously unseen footage of the event has just been declassified and released for the first time.
It was dropped from a TU-95v plane, which even though 75 miles away when the explosion took place, was hit by the shockwave causing it to quickly drop altitude and making control difficult for the pilot for a few minutes.

Wuppertal, Germany Schwebebahn: the flying train

From: Film at MoMA
"The Flying Train" depicts a ride on a suspended railway in Germany in 1902. The footage is almost as impressive as the feat of engineering it captures.
Built to make use of otherwise dead space in a city, the trains run above existing roads and rivers with only the slender struts and stations entryways taking up space on the ground.

Built in 1901, the train is still running today:


An 84-Hour Bikepacking Ramble.

Leaving the Sleeper Train at the highest, remotest station on the West Highland Line, a group of cyclists head off on an opportunistic wintry journey to ride the old-established network of gravel drove roads.

Should we be building HS2?

An interesting short documentary about the logical reasoning behind building HS2. A railway engineer clearly explains what's going on and addresses many of the contentious points, such the environmental impact, using actual data. It's not about the saving a few minutes that the media bang on about. It's about a lot more. It's also interesting to hear how it will free up existing capacity and affect places far from the line, the example mentioned being Aberystwyth.


SKYWATCH is a sci-fi proof of concept written & directed by Colin Levy.

This short has been six years in the making, funded via Kickstarter, and crafted by volunteering artists across the world.