Naples - u-turn

This video has everything: someone tries to do a u-turn in a tiny car and gets stuck, blocking the street. Some bikers appear. A religious parade comes down the street, and then (as mentioned in the youtube comments) divine intervention sorts it all out.

Weird books

I've been searching online for some new books. I found these beauties, they are all real titles:

-Outwitting Squirrels : 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed from Your Birdfeeder by Squirrels

-How Green Were the Nazis? : Nature, Environment, and Nation in the Third Reich

-Nuclear War: What's in It for You?

-The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America : A Guide to Field Identification

-Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

-What Shat That?: A Pocket Guide to Poop Identity