VIEW FROM THE OVERLOOK: Crafting The Shining (30 min) Directed by Gary Leva

Here's a short 30 minute film about the making of 'The Shining'.This film was originally created for a dvd re-release.
Particularly interesting is how they shot the scene which zooms into the people walking in the maze from a huge height.

'In 1966, Stanley Kubrick mused to a friend about his desire to make "the world's scariest movie." In 1980, he did it.'

VIEW FROM THE OVERLOOK: Crafting The Shining (30 min) Directed by Gary Leva from Gary Leva on Vimeo.

'Perpetual motion machines'

These guys have posted lots of videos of strangely convincing perpetual motion machines. Of course these are impossible, but some of the machines are beautifully made and how they work is very cleverly hidden. It says on his website that they are all done with hidden motors.

They were built to kickstart basic scientific discussions on how they work in principle.

The main site is here.

And finally...this thing:

OMM Bike - Yorkshire

Had fun at OMM Bike in Reeth, Yorkshire last week. It was the longest orienteering event by far that I've done (7 hours on Saturday, then 5 on Sunday). Did terrible the first day and then did great on the second. Think I'll do it again. Long drive after work to get there though. Bike Event 2015

Loch Loyne

Here are a few photos from a bike ride up at Loch Loyne a couple of weeks ago.

The loch water levels are drained every September in anticipation of the winter rain/snow melt. On occasion the old main tarmac road (the original "road to the isles") which took travellers north-west to Ullapool before the valley was dammed, emerges, along with a couple of old humpbacked bridges. It's possible to follow the road through the loch bed and across the hill at the far side to eventually reach the Cluanie Inn.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the pictures below, the loch wasn't in fact drained that weekend! The alternative route we took was fantastic anyway though. I plan to go back and try again at some point.

Space station spinning handle

Here's a great example of the intermediate-axis effect. Basically the tool is actually spinning on all axis, but the centrifugal force of the main spin holds the other axis in one (apparent) direction until it slowly increases it's wobble. When it hits a certain critical point in the wobble it's enough to quickly continue the flip on that axis.