The Ghost in the mp3.

There's been a lot of talk of some of the essence of music being lost during the conversion from analog to digital. Many people believe that vinyl is far superior to cd or higher bit-rate recordings. MP3s are a lossy, compressed and generally low bit-rate way of storing music. But most people use it as it's a convenient space saving format. How does it compare?

Ryan Maguire has a project, 'Ghost in the mp3' which explores the losses in the format. By salvaging the lost noise from 'Tom's Diner' when it converted to mp3 you can listen to the differences.

'Tom's Diner' was used as it wasorginally one of the main controls in the listening tests used to develop the mp3 encoding algorithm.

Frozen and the Thing.

This is a 'Frozen' version of the famous scene from John Carpenter's The Thing where Macready tests the other scientists to check if they are 'The Thing', an Alien which imitates the shape of other life forms.

The Burryman

Tommorrow (8th August) marks the return of the South Queensferry Burryman. Covered entirely in prickly burrs from the burdock plant a man walks about for 12 hours. No-one really know the reason why.

John Nicol, the previous burryman said: "It's verging on some sort of bizarre psychedelic experience, by the end of it you don't know what's going on."