Second City Divide

Riding the Second City Divide gravel route: 600km from Manchester to Glasgow. Amazing ride. First proper outing since Covid lockdowns. I forgot to take a camera charger so I only have sparing video of the first half....I'll just have to do it again sometime.

Cycling the West Highland Way - Part 1

The West Highland Way is a 96mile long walking route in Scotland from Fort William to Milnagavie.
It is currently celebrating it's 40th year since inception.
I decided to ride it on mountain bike at the end of last year.

I’ve been aware of the West Highland Way long distance walk for as long as I can remember, but I have never done the full distance. I’ve done small parts, just as part of different routes, both on walks and cycles. It such a long, well known walk though, that tourists and locals all seem to do it at some point. Coming across the route during various other travels I’d always been surprised at quite how busy with walkers it seemed to be. I always wanted to do it.

Josh Ibbett - GBDuro 2020 winning ride

A 1200mile fully self-sufficient bikepacking race the length of the UK. Starting at Lands End in the south of England the route takes riders through 5 national parks to finish at John O Groats in the north of Scotland. Due to Covid19 the race was fully self-sufficient. Josh carried 8 days worth of food on his bike and was unable to use any public buildings.

Tsar Bomba

In 1961 the biggest nuclear bomb ever detonated exploded at the equivalent of 50 million tons of TNT.
This previously unseen footage of the event has just been declassified and released for the first time.
It was dropped from a TU-95v plane, which even though 75 miles away when the explosion took place, was hit by the shockwave causing it to quickly drop altitude and making control difficult for the pilot for a few minutes.