Pentlands Pursuit 2019 - Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering - Sat 15th June

For the second year, I am running a Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering (SMBO) race.

The beauty of these events is that, due to the fact that you decide upon your own route, they are suitable for all ages and abilities.
Whether you just fancy a short, easy pootle around some paths and tracks you may never have explored before, or you want to push yourself to the very edge of your abilities at the exciting, highly competitive top end. You can ride as hard and as far as you want.

Tweedbank station to Edinburgh mostly off-road route

Here's a good route I rode. Took an early train out to Tweedbank on the borders railway. Then rode back.
Looking at a map, there's plenty of alternative tracks and trails to explore following roughly the same route. I followed the Southern Upland Way for quite a bit of this. Then joined the Cross Borders Drove Road following parts of the excellent Capital Trail bike-packing route.
Was about 125km of riding with 3000m of climbing.

Police Sketch

When a news anchor laughs at the worst police sketch. Seems like this is all real.

Interesting map of commuting data.

The datashine mapping project seeks to promote and develop the use of large and open datasets amongst the social science community. A key part of this initiative is the visualisation of these data in new and informative ways to inspire new uses and generate insights.

This particular map show Scottish commuting data. Unfortunately it's quite old though as it's from the 2011 census.