Energy Dashboard map

In what is rapidly becoming a short series on interesting data maps; here is a great site for viewing the current energy generation across the UK: EnergyDashboard
This is currently showing the high natural gas generation that is going on.

It seems that most of the gas destined for Europe is currently coming via ships to UK ports (few suitable ports are available for this in mainland Europe). It is then moved across the channel to mainland Europe. However, much more gas is being delivered to the UK than can be quickly moved to Europe. So it's backing up somewhat. Bloomberg: Glut of Gas In order to deal with this the UK seems to be burning it in gas generators and selling the excess electricity to Europe. As a result of this, despite the ongoing higher gas prices for UK consumers, the wholesale gas price is actually lower than it has been : Wholsale gas price chart UK

Run the rock - Beau Miles

"My mate Pete rolled his ankle badly when we were running one morning. He limped back to the carpark and I kept going. As I continued to run I thought, ‘I’m gonna get my crowbar and wheelbarrow, dig that big-arse rock out of the trail and run it to Pete’s house’. So that’s what I did."

MAIDEN RACE - Mark Beaumont's tale of GBDURO

"Despite a career of world-firsts in endurance cycling expeditions, Shimano ambassador Mark Beaumont, the current round-the-world record holder, had never competed in anything other than what amounts to very extreme solo time trials. This summer though, for the first time in his career, he entered a race. And not just any race, arguably the toughest endurance race in the UK, GBDURO. "

Akira - motorbike slide.

Much like the Wilhelm Scream and it's continued use in films, the cult anime film, Akira, has it's own share of homages. The film broke the mould for what was possible in animation, and at the time was by far the most expensive anime film to be made. I remember seeing it as one of the few films I'd seen in a cinema around 1993. Most notably the motorbike slide has become a animation staple with many trying to get it as close to the original as possible.